Saturday, 29 October 2016

Vivo Y51L phone review - Phone hanged on second day of purchase (Personal Experience)

Vivo Y51L phone hanged on second day of purchase - Review

Vivo Y51L phone review
I am sharing out my personal experience. Phone just hanged i.e stopped responding the moment I opened camera app. The worst part was that my friend just bought this Vivo Y51L phone the previous day i.e on 28/10/2016. And this was reported by me on 29/10/2016. I even showed the warranty card which displays the actual date. 

Should I purchase Vivo Y51L phone or not ?
This was my experience. After watching this video if you are still willing to buy Vivo Y51L phone, you are purchasing it at your own risk. 
So it is up to you all guys to decide whether you should buy this Vivo Y51L phone or not. Personally I had this worst experience while reviewing any phone.

I would love to hear out your experiences as well(the ones who had already purchased this  Vivo Y51L phone). Put your views in the comment section below.

Do share to spread awareness among other people as well.



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