Saturday, 16 April 2016

Lost phone? Ring on silent mode, lock it online and master reset | Team MAST

Video covers out trick to ring your android device even when put to silent or vibration mode. Also I tell how to lock your phone online using your PC or Laptop in-case it's misplaced. You can also master reset your phone if you feel the need to secure your data while preventing it to enter into some evil hands. The best thing of this trick is that there is no need to install any app or software. You just need to have access to your gmail account you have synced your android device to. This feature is provided by google named under 'Android Device Manager'. 

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I start video with opening the URL :
which would redirect you to a page asking you to login to your gmail account which you used for your android device. After you login it's all done and you can easily ring your phone even if it is put to silent mode. Directly jump to that part of video  2:15

After that I discuss how to lock your device online without just touching your android cell phone or when you have misplaced your cell phone and want it to be locked immediately so that no one else can see any of your personal data or information. Directly jump to that part of video 4:45

Finally I discuss how to master reset your data if you feel the need to secure your data while preventing it to enter into some evil hands. Directly jump to that part of video 7:55

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Boom..!! You have landed to the perfect place. This video will guide you as per you needed.

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