Wednesday, 9 July 2014

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Origin of loquacity :

Classical Latin loquacitas ; from loquax: see loquacious

How To Pronounce:

[lō kwas′ə tē]

Meaning :

talkativeness, the quality of talking a great deal

Synonyms :

talkativeness, over-talkativeness, garrulousness, garrulity, volubility, wordiness, prolixity, verbosity, verbiage, effusiveness, profuseness

Key (the easiest way to learn the word) :  

1) local-train-moving to-a-city  

Related words : 

1) loquaciousness 

Sentences and Phrases : 

1)  It's probably less a matter of loquacity  than self-importance.
2)  For communications companies, human loquacity  should be wonderful news.

Quotations : 

1) “ I prefer tongue-tied knowledge to ignorant loquacity.” by Marcus T. Cicero
2) " Silence,  sorrow, and indifference, succeeded to loquacity, joy, and enthusiasm " by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
3) " Edwin, therefore, was driven by his own diffidence into a nervous light loquacity."  by Arnold Bennett
4) " Mrs. Moffat's whispered loquacity was awed into silence." by Minnie Mary Lee
5) "The notary, Maitre Rameay, was one of the first to take his part, attracted by his smiling loquacity. " by Guy de Maupassant
6) " From mere loquacity he became argumentative, finally quarrelsome. " by C. Bryson Taylor 
7) " But even her loquacity was subdued by a real fright. " by Edward Bellamy
8) " He had lost the mirthfulness and loquacity of the previous day, and we rode on for a full hour in silence. " by James R. Gilmore
9) " And Jim's silence irritated them far more than Arthur Freet's loquacity. " by Honoré Willsie Morrow
10) " The only excuse for loquacity would be the sending of an inquisitive constable on a fruitless expedition." by Harold Bindloss

Poetry : 

Let one loquacity be not heard:
Know by this token
Silence is felt -- a powerful word
"Shouting Quiet" by Benjamin Musser

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