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Wren N Martin .PDF English Grammar Free Ebook Download 

Wren n Martin PDF

English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin book cover
English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin book cover +Maven Scientists 

Wren & Martin refers to a single book High School English Grammar and Composition or collectively, a series of English grammar textbooks written jointly by P. C. Wren and H. Martin. Written primarily for the children of British officers residing in India, these books were widely adopted by Indian and Pakistani schools in the post-colonial era and missionary schools in Burma. The books were published in 1935, with a discussion on composition added later. The content in the books is largely based on The Manual of English Grammar and Composition by J.C. Nesfield.

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Other books in this series are Elementary English Grammar, A First Book of English Grammar and Composition, High School English Grammar and Composition and A Final Course of Grammar & Composition. The series of textbooks is still in use at many Indian schools. While semantic change has dated the original books, they continue to enjoy considerable popularity and updated versions are now in common use. Copies of the different versions of this series are available online.

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High School English Grammar & Composition is a book that provides the readers with insights into several key aspects of English grammar.

Summary Of The Book

High School English Grammar & Composition is one of the most renowned reference guides to learn English Grammar in India. This is a part of the series of books by Wren and Martin, and it provides a comprehensive study of grammar. First published in 1935, this grammar book is now being used extensively in numerous schools across Pakistan, India, and Burma.

This book has been divided into two sections, containing 84 chapters in total. The first part is about Grammar and the second part is about Composition. Some chapters include Synthesis of Sentences, Conjunctions, Direct and Indirect Speech, Comparison of Adverbs, and The Noun: Kinds of Nouns. The content of this book has been greatly influenced by The Manual of English Grammar and Composition authored by J. C. Nestfield.

Through the course of this book, the authors have dealt with the very basics of grammar such as forming sentences, identifying subject and predicate, verbs, using adjectives as nouns, relative pronouns, and much more. The readers are also provided with insights into writing an essay, autobiographies, letters, and stories. High School English Grammar & Composition contains numerous exercises on grammar and composition that will help the readers test themselves from every angle.

About The Authors

Percival Christopher Wren was an author.

Wren has also written The Mammon Of Righteousness: The Story of Coxe And The Box, Port o’ Missing Men: Strange Tales Of The Stranger Regiment, and Rough Shooting: True Tales And Strange Stories.

Wren was born on 1st November, 1875, in Deptford, South London, England. He completed his master’s degree in Arts from St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford. He worked as a teacher in a boarding school for few years, and married Alice Shovelier. Wren was then appointed headmaster of Karachi High School by the Indian Education Service in 1903. He left the Indian Education Service in 1917. Wren passed away on 22nd November, 1941.

H. Martin was an author.

Martin has written A Final Course in Grammar and Composition.

Martin was awarded the Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.


Table Of Contents

Book I. Grammar

1. The Sentence
2. Subject And Predicate
3. The Phrase And The Clause
4. Parts Of Speech
5. The Noun: Kinds Of Nouns
6. The Noun: Gender
7. The Noun: Number
8. The Noun: Case
9. The Adjective
10. Comparison Of Adjectives
11. Adjectives Used As Nouns
12. Position Of The Adjectives
13. The Correct Use Of Some Adjectives
14. Articles
15. Personal Pronouns
16. Reflexive And Emphatic Pronouns
17. Demonstrative, Indefinite And Distributive Pronouns
18. Relative Pronouns
19. Interrogative Pronouns
20. The Verb
21. Verbs Of Incomplete Predication
22. Active And Passive Voice
23. Mood
24. Tenses: Introduction
25. The Uses Of The Present And Past Tenses
26. The Future
27. The Verb: Person And Number
28. The Infinitive
29. The Participle
30. The Gerund
31. Irregular Verbs
32. Auxiliaries And Modals
33. Conjugation Of The Verb Love
34. The Adverb
35. Comparison Of Adverbs
36. Formation Of Advebs
37. Position Of Adverbs
38. The Preposition
39. Words Followed By Prepositions
40. The Conjunction
41. Some Conjunctions And Their Uses
42. The Interjection
43. The Same Word Used As Different Parts Of Speech

Book Ii. Composition
Part I: Analysis, Transformation And Synthesis

1. Analysis Of Simple Sentences
2. Phrases
3. Clauses
4. Sentences: Simple, Compound And Complex
5. More About Noun Clauses
3. More About Adjective Clauses
6. More About Adverb Clauses
7. Analysis Of Complex Sentences
8. Analysis Of Compound Sentences
9. Transformation Of Sentences
11. Transformation Of Sentences
12. Synthesis Of Sentences
13. Synthesis Of Sentences
14. Synthesis Of Sentences
15. The Sequence Of Tenses
16. Direct And Indirect Speech

Part II: Correct Usage

17. Agreement Of The Verb With The Subject
18. Nouns And Pronouns
19. Adjectives
20. Verbs
21. Adverbs
22. Conjunctions
23. Order Of Words
24. Idioms
25. Idioms
25. Punctuation
26. Spelling Rules
27. The Formation Of Words
28. Figures Of Speech Exercise

Part III: Structures

29. Verb Patterns
30. Question Tags, Short Answers, Etc.
31. More Structures

Part IV: Written Composition Paragraph-Writing

32. Story - Writing
33. Reproduction Of A Story-Poem
34. Letter-Writing
35. Comprehension
36. Precis-Writing
37. Expansion Of Passages
38. Essay-Writing
38. Autobiographies
39. Dialogue-Writing
40. The Appreciation Of Poetry
41. Paraphrasing

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