Monday, 5 May 2014

Google Prank | List of Funny Google Pranks

Searching for "askew" or "tilt" using Google will cause the search results to be displayed at a slight angle.

Searching for "Atari Breakout" and then clicking Images will start a game of Breakout using the image results as bricks.

Searching for "Do a barrel roll" or "z or r twice" will cause the search result to rotate 360 degrees when showing. This is often connected with Nintendo's Star Fox games.

Searching for "zerg rush" causes a bunch of Google "o"s to attack the result page and eventually destroy it; the user can, however, fight back by clicking on them. After destroying the results, the "o"s then arrange themselves into two capital 'G's, representing the acronym for "good game".

Searching for "Bletchley Park" will cause the title of the info card to appear as if it was being deciphered by Google. This is a reference to the fact that Bletchley Park, inMilton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, was the central site of the United Kingdom's Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS), which during the Second World Warregularly penetrated the secret communications of the Axis Powers.

Searching for "kerning" will increase the spacing between every letter in the word kerning by 1 pixel whenever it shows up in the search results page. Conversely, searching for "keming" (a common example of unfortunate kerning) will decrease the spacing between letters of the word when it shows up in the search results page.
Type any actor's name followed by "bacon number" to get the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon value.

Searching for "Recursion" will result in Google asking if the user meant "Recursion."

Searching for "Conway's Game of Life" produces the Life simulation described by Conway.

Searching for "how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood" using "Search by voice" produces a vocal response of another tongue twister "A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood"

Searching for "Kwanzaa" returns a green, Kwanzaa background.

Searching for "Festivus" places a Festivus pole in the left side of the window.

Searching for "Santa Claus" or "Christmas decorations" places an animation of a snowy landscape with Santa Claus and his reindeer riding across the top of the search results. On Christmas Eve, a map will appear where Santa is currently located.

Searching for "anagram" results in the search engine asking "Did you mean: nag a ram" ("nag a ram" is an anagram of the word "anagram")

Searching for "Google in 1998" results in a 1998 Google search screen appearing in place of the current Google search screen. Clicking on the first result will bring the user to the Wayback Machine's version of Google from 1998. However, clicking I'm Feeling Lucky will go to a Mashable article about the easter egg.

Searching for "Google Pacman" has a playable version of the game appear on the screen.

Searching for the film star Jason Isaacs returns "Hello to Jason Isaacs", a reference to the 
BBC Radio 5 live film review program with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo.

Searching 'who are you' using the voice recognition search causes the voiceover to say 'searching for oneself may take a lifetime. But a good place to start is classic rock.'

Searching for "blink html" will make both of the words "blink" and "html" do just that (blink) wherever it shows up in the search results.

Searching for "beam me up, Scotty" using voice search produces a vocal response that says "I cannot do it, Captain, I do not have the power." in an impersonation of the character Mr. Scott from Star Trek

Let us know in the comments below, which one you liked the most.

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