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1,001 Facts that Will Scare the S#*t Out of You: The Ultimate Bathroom Reader 

1,001 Facts that Will Scare the S#*t Out of You: The Ultimate Bathroom Reader
1,001 Facts that Will Scare
the S#*t Out of You:
The Ultimate Bathroom Reader

About this Book

1,001 Facts That Will Scare the S#*t Out of You Quotes

Fact: Chocolate contains the alkaloid theobromine, which in high doses can be toxic to humans, and in even small amounts can kill dogs, parrots, horses, and cats.
This means that despite its name, the Kit-Kat candy bar is not a recommended snack for your kitty-cat. I wonder how many cats have died because of this confusion.

Fact: The most germ-laden place on your toilet isn't the seat or even the bowl--it's the handle.
The solution: Don't flush. Let the next guy worry about it.

There are "just the facts"--and then there are just the facts that will frighten the bejeezus out of you. And thanks to this little gem of a bathroom book, you'll never look at the world the same way again, without, er, dry heaving a little bit.

FACT: In Japan, suicide resulting from overwork, or karojisatsu, is an officially recognized and compensated occupational hazard. By some estimates, 5 percent of all suicides in Japan are "company related."

FACT: Smoking contributes to heart disease, the number one cause of death in the United States. Cigarette smokers quadruple their risk for developing coronary heart disease.

Contents of the book

Are You Gonna Eat That? The Ugly Truth about Food and Drink viii

Every Little Thing We Do Is Tragic Human Mis Behaviors 16

Totally Gross Anatomy The Human Body Exposed 32

We Be Illin The Sickening Truth about Your Health 80

And in My Spare Time I Enjoy Dying Bad News about the Things You Do for Funor Used To 96

Let Me Hear Your Potty Talk The Straight Poop on Going to the Bathroom 112

When It Rains It Pours A Storm of Scary Facts about the Weather 160

They Did What? Not So Proud Moments in World History 224

Buggin Out Insect Facts That Will Give You the Creepy Crawlies 238

Do You Believe? Facts and Claims about Aliens Ghosts the Olsen Twins and Other Realms of the Unexplained 268

What the? The Worst of the Worst and the Weirdest of the Weird 298


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