Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Trick to remove shortcut virus - How to ?

I think most of you people are very upset due to shortcut virus . As when it enters your PC or Laptops or your USB device you are unable to access your important documents. So I have put a solution to it .Here I  will tell you how you can access your files that are effected from shortcut virus .

Manual method to remove shortcut virus :

How Shortcut Virus Works ?

It is vbs file that make shortcuts of all your files in pen-drive and then hide the original files .


You are unable to access all the files if you copy them in your PC or Laptop because these are shortcuts .

How you can access your original files ?

Follow these simple steps and you are done :-

Note : The most  important thing before following the below steps is to first  End Task named  wscript.exe from Task Manager so that all your files are not converted into shortcuts.
Press Ctrl+shift+Esc to open Task Manager and then click on details and select wscript.exe and click on End Task.

Now steps to remove shortcut virus are as under -:

Step 1 : Simply open CMD by Clicking on Start > Run(or press windows button + R ), and then type cmd and click OK.

Step 2 : Now type name of your drive letter with colon and press Enter.
Example if it is G drive then type g:

Step 3 : Now type attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l and press Enter.

Step 4 : Further type del *.lnk and press Enter.

You can now check your drive and all the files will be back. Hurray..!


Remain updated with  Maven Scientists for more tricks.

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