Sunday, 2 February 2014

How Hack Facebook | Add all friends in a group at once | Hacker

I am going to tell you how to add all your facebook friends to any group at once within no time. Just follow the steps mentioned in the post below and you are all done. These  5 simple steps will add all your facebook friends to a group at once. 

These steps :-

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Step 1: First of all download this notepad file (add All Friends).

Step 2 : After downloading it, open it and Press CTRL + A and CTRL + C to copy all data .

Step 3 : Now open your group where you want to add your all facebook friends .

Step 4 : Now press CTRL + SHIFT + J (if you are using Chrome) or CTRL + SHIFT + K (if you are using Mozilla) and click on console tab and press CTRL + V to paste the data that you copied from notepad .

Step 5 : Now hit Enter button from your keyboard and it will start adding your friends to this group.

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After adding your all facebook friends it will stop. Now click on refresh page and close console window.
Now, you can smile at a simple hack trick and share this with your facebook friends too.

All your friends are added to this particular facebook group. Enjoy the hack! Be a hacker!! Think like hacker!!

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