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Deception Point - Dan Brown FREE PDF Download Ebook

Deception Point - Dan Brown


Deception Point is a 2001 techno-thriller novel by Dan Brown. The plot concerns a meteorite found within the Arctic Circle that may provide proof of extraterrestrial life, and attempts by dark forces to prevent the evidence against it from becoming public.

Main characters

Rachel Sexton – the protagonist; a data analyst for the National Reconnaissance Office and Senator Sexton's daughter.
Michael Tolland – an oceanographer and television celebrity-scientist.
Zachary Herney – the President of the United States.
Senator Thomas Sedgewick Sexton – Rachel's father, a presidential candidate
Corky Marlinson – a world renowned astrophysist called in to authenticate the meteorite found by NASA.
William Pickering – Director of the NRO and commander of the Delta Force
Gabrielle Ashe – Senator Sexton's aide
Norah Mangor – a glaciologist
Dr. Wailee Ming – a paleontologist
Xavia – A Marine Geologist
Marjorie Tench – Senior Adviser to the President.
Lawrence Ekstrom – Administrator of NASA.
Delta-One - A member of the Delta Squad.
Delta-Two - A member of the Delta Squad.
Delta-Three - A member of the Delta Squad.

Other characters

Charles Brophy – a Canadian geologist.
Chris Harper – mission director of the Polar Orbiting Density Scanner
Yolanda Cole – Gabrielle Ashe's friend and employee at the Washington branch of ABC
Katherine Wentworth Sexton – Rachel Sexton's late mother and Senator Sexton's wife.
Celia Birch – Michael Tolland's deceased first wife.
Diana Pickering – William Pickering's deceased daughter.

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