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Ankit Fadia Wiki Resume

About Ankit Fadia

Ankit Fadia (born 1985) is an Indian independent computer security consultant and author. Fadia describes himself as an ethical hacker, and has written several books on the topic of computer security.

Fadia came into limelight when he wrote Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking at the age of 15, and made several hacking claims, including working with intelligence agencies against terrorists. Subsequently, he started offering computer security consulting services, wrote more books, and became a sought-after speaker in India. In the mid-2000s, he developed a certification program on computer security for corporations in alliance with Reliance World

Awards and Recognitions | Wikipedia

  • One of eight people named MTV India's Youth Icon of the Year (2008)
  • Global Ambassador for Cyber Security (National Telecom Awards 2011, Government of India)
  • Global Shaper (World Economic Forum)

Fadia has himself sponsored Singapore Management University's Ankit Fadia Study Award, which consists of a $1,000 cash prize and certificate that is annually awarded to "an outstanding student" Information Security and Trust course under the Bachelor of Science (Information System Management) degree.

All Books Written by Ankit Fadia | Wikipedia

You can see all the books written by Ankit Fadia here. You can also download the ebook for the following by simply clicking on that ebook.
  • Ankit Fadia (1 January 2001). Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking. Macmillan. ISBN 978-0-333-93679-5.
  • Ankit Fadia (2004). An Ethical Hacking Guide To Corporate Security. Macmillan India. ISBN 978-1-4039-2445-2.
  • Ankit Fadia (2005). An Ethical Guide To Hacking Mobile Phones. Macmillan Publishers India Ltd. ISBN 978-1-4039-2850-4.
  • Ankit Fadia (2006). Network security: a hacker's perspective. Thompson Course Technology. ISBN 978-1-59863-163-0.
  • Ankit Fadia; Diwakar Goel (2007). Google Hacking. Vikas Publishing House Pvt Limited. ISBN 978-81-259-2249-0.
  • Ankit Fadia; Manu Zacharia (2007). Network Intrusion Alert: An Ethical Hacking Guide to Intrusion Detection. Thomson Course Technology PTR. ISBN 978-1-59863-414-3.
  • Ankit Fadia & Boonlia Prince Komal (2009). System Forensics, 1E. Vikas Publishing House. ISBN 978-81-259-3151-5.
  • Ankit Fadia; Aditya Singh (2009). Cracking Admissions In Colleges Abroad 2E. Vikas Publishing House. ISBN 978-81-259-3075-4.
  • Ankit Fadia (2009). Encryption: Protecting Your Data. Vikas Publishing House. ISBN 978-81-259-2251-3.
  • Ankit Fadia (2009). Windows Hacking. Vikas Publishing House. ISBN 978-81-259-1814-1.
  • Ankit Fadia & Nishant Das Patnaik (2009). Software Hacking, 1E. Vikas Publishing House. ISBN 978-81-259-2867-6.
  • Ankit Fadia (2009). E-Mail Hacking, 1E. Vikas Publishing House. ISBN 978-81-259-1813-4.
  • Ankit Fadia (2012). How to Unblock Everything on the Internet. Vikas Publishing House Pvt Limited. ISBN 978-93-259-5661-2.
  • Ankit Fadia (2013). Faster: 100 ways to improve your digital life. Portfolio(2013). ISBN 9780143419709.

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1. Wikipedia - Ankit Fadia

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