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  Magic Online - Google Magic Tricks

Google Magic Tricks

1) Zerg Rush :

Go to Google.com and Type zerg rush and see the magic.
Every thing displayed on the first page disappears like magic.

2) ElgooG :

Go to elgooG and see the magic.
Here you will find mirror image of the Google, and when you search something here the results also displayed in mirror image only leaving out the images which are displayed in the usual form.

3) Let me Google that for you :

This is one of my favorite Google trick. Here you can do the work for your friends who are lazy. What you have to do is to just type Imgty or simply click here. Now type any search item and hit Enter, you will get an URL send it for your friends .

4) Google Sphere :

Go to Google.com and type Google sphere or simply click here and see the magic.
You will notice all the labels surround forming a sphere.  

5) Do a barrel roll :

Here go to Google.com and type Do a barrel roll and hit Enter and check out the magic.

6) Google tilt or askew :

Now type tilt or askew in Google search and see the magic. The whole page appears tilted.

7) Google gravity :

When you type Google gravity in Google search or  click here you can see Google home page falling down
It just seems fun playing with these broken Google pieces.

8) Epic Google :

Here the size of each one increase automatically its quite funny. To see this go to Google.com and type epic Google or simply click here.

9) Weenie Google :

Here the size of each one decreases automatically, just the opposite of above one. Just go to Google.com and search for weenie Google or simply click here.

10) Google terminal :

Go to Google.com and type Google terminal or simply click here and see what happens.

11) Hexadecimal / Binary / Octal :

Go to Google.com and search Hexadecimal / Binary / Octal . You can find number of results in above number systems.

12) Google pacman :

Go to Google.com and type Google pacman or simply click here. You can Google doodle in pacman style and also enjoy paying the game.

13) Google underwater :

Go to Google.com and type Google underwater or simply click here. Here you find Google logo in water. Play using your mouse-pad.

14) Google chuck norris/ find chuck norris :

This is quite funny when you search for Google chuck norris/ find chuck norris or simply  . Google shows results  "Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you."

15) Dancing Google Loco :

You can find Google logo dancing when you search for Google loco or simply click here. It's fun watching this. 

16) Dark Google :

Here you can see the background of Google page in black color It was referred to as energy saving search engine. To get this go to Google.com and type dark Google or simply click here . Appears as :

17) Google rainbow :

Go to Google.com and type rainbow Google or simply click here .

18) Google pirate :

Here you can see pirate right below Google logo. To see this go to Google.com and search Google pirate or simply click here .
Note : You can search for torrent files directly from Google by searching for The Pirate Google or simply click here .

19) Google Hacker :

This is one for those who are familiar with hacking language. Just go to Google.com and search Google hacker or simply click here .

20) Google doodles :

Here you can find the collection of all Google doodles at one place. Just click here to see all Google doodles.

Amaze your friends by sharing all these funny Google tricks and make yourself feel majestic.

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