Saturday, 18 January 2014

Send message on facebook through email - How to ?

Facebook Send Message From Email +Maven Scientists 

Hey, someone  blocked you on Facebook. Don't worry you can send him message even if you are blocked.

Note that this trick will also work even if you are not blocked by any of your facebook friend. By simply following the steps, you will see your sent message from email in the inbox of the Facebook Account. In case you do not see the message in your Facebook Account messages, check the Others folder in the Facebook Messages.


If your Facebook id has been blocked by a person, you can still send him/her messages by following these simple steps.

Steps  are as follows:-

1. Find out the username of person who you want to send message. The username of the person can be easily found out by simply going to the profile of the user and copying the text writeen after
2. Log in to your e-mail account ( example - /
3. Go to compose mail.
4. Enter the email of your friend in the To box as username@
5. Type-in the message(whatever you want to write) and then send it.

Your message will be in the inbox of the friend who has blocked you on Facebook.

In this way you can regain the contact with your friends on Facebook. Send Messages and even surprise them.

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