Saturday, 18 January 2014

Create Facebook Page Without Name - How To ?

In this post I will tell you how to create a facebook page without any name. By creating this facebook page without any name, you can fool your friends.

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Simply follow these steps mentioned below :-

1) Log-in to your Facebook account

2) Create page link. 

3) Choose any category from the options displayed. 

4) Now copy the below code and paste it in name field

5) Now check I agree to Facebook terms.

6) Now, click on Get started button. 

Now, Facebook will ask you to perform some additional setting that may be of profile picture , website link and about page's user name and it's real representation. 

7) After successfully creating page , click on update page info near page's name. 

8) Now click on edit option of page name's field.

9) Then remove all the characters in that field.

10) Finally click on save button. 

So here, you are done (Y)

If you face any problem in any step feel free to ask us in comments :)

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