Monday, 6 January 2014

Unlock Android Pattern Easily | Free

It is quite a problem sometimes with a new smartphone or a tablet that we forget the unlock pattern. And then we always end up wondering how to unlock the gadget. With this trick, you can easily unlock your device without affecting the security to your data. This method is very reliable in order to unlock your android gadget.

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I am posting two methods, the first method does not require any software installation and hence can be on your priority list. Whereas the other method requires the installation of a software. 

Both the methods have been share to unlock your phone and easily getting the new pattern security for your android gadget. You can chose any of the methods which suits you the best.

Here you go, with The first Method 

1. Without using third party software :

Following steps will guide you how to unlock the pattern for your android phone / tablet.

Step - 1 Switch off your Android device.

Step- 2 Then click Volume Up key and hold it.

Step - 3 Then Click on Home Button And Hold It.

Step - 4 Now press the Power Button and after it has started just release it.

Step - 5 You will notice that you enter in the secret android menu which you would have never seen before.

Step - 6 Use Home Button for Up And Down in that menu .

Step - 7 Finally, go to third option "DELETE ALL USER DATA".

Step - 8 It will take some time and the unlock pattern is fixed .

Now, wait before trying this method, you have to worry about the pros and cons for this method.

Your android pattern is unlocked. You are happy.

This method will delete all messages, and other app data. Altogether, you will have the factory settings restored.

The following method covers up the former limitation.

2. With use of third party software :

Step - 1 Download this zip Pattern Password Disable on to your sdcard. You have to download this zip file onto your PC or another external memory. Do not download it on your phone. Let's assume you download it and store into a memory card.Step - 2 Insert the memory card into your phoneStep - 3 Reboot your phone into recovery mode.Step - 4 Flash the zip file you just downloaded.

Step - 5 Reboot your device.

Step - 6 You are done. Enjoy ....!

Note : If you see the Gesture Pattern Grid or Password after restarting, don't worry. Just try any random pattern Or password and it will probably unlock.

This is for Educational purpose only.

You shall not use this on other people devices without permission under any circumstances. 

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