Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Learning steps for Android Application Development

Before starting to learn developing applications for Android Platform, it's best if you know these beforehand. Some of the topics are really necessary, without knowing those you cannot start developing android applications. Like knowledge of Java Language, it's necessary. You might start without it but can then go only a little far and hence lose your deep interest in developing applications. On the other hand, some things are new to you and even if you do not know those, you can easily grab them while you are still learning how to develop android applications. For example if you do not know what features are supported by android, it does not really matter but it widens your vision level and experimentation that you do while you are learning and go leaning more than is taught. That is quite much figuring out yourself what all you want the app to do in particular.

Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPs)

As we all know that Java is the Language we use to code Android Software. And since Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language. It is necessary to know the OOPs principles like Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism etc. 

Some Experience with Java

A little experience in coding Java Applications is required. Those wondering, only Java SE i.e; the Java Standard Edition knowledge is required and that too not an at an expert level. A little knowledge and familiarization with Java Code is required. Creating objects, calling functions, writing conditionals, creating loops. If you can understand how all these things work you will easily grab the concepts of Android. Like I said, as we are using Java to code for Android Software it will give an additional edge if you know these concepts beforehand.

Eclipse IDE

We will use Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). To code for android Software , we require an excellent text editor and other tools such as debugger, compiler, Android Virtual Device (AVD), ADT Plugin of Android (only supported by Eclipse IDE). 
Android Development Tools (ADT) is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that is designed to give you a powerful, integrated environment in which to build Android applications. 

ADT extends the capabilities of Eclipse to let you quickly set up new Android projects, create an application UI, add packages based on the Android Framework API, debug your applications using the Android SDK tools, and even export signed (or unsigned) .apk files in order to distribute your application.

Knowledge of android Capabilities will be helpful

There are a lot and lot of features supported by Android. Over the time Android has improved a lot and the features, User Interface and layout has changed and has been made better. So there are some features which can only be accessed if the android software version is above some level. For example there is a lost notification feature only supported for Jelly Bean and above versions of Android.

If you have this kind of knowledge it will be very very helpful to you but still this is not the most important thing to learn how to develop Android Applications. You will do just fine. 

Go Read out the tutorials! Have Fun :D

Refer : Complete Android Software Development Tutorial


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