Sunday, 29 December 2013

Get Free Mobile Recharge worth Rs 100 (India) - How To ? 

2014 Special 

Go to this website -
and Sign Up for a new account 

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Once you verify your account go to the Quiz Contest section of website and play a New Quiz . The winner of the quiz is allotted Rs 10 for every quiz he wins.

Now the trick is that you have to Sign Up from 4 - 5 different id's and play that quiz from all different id's leaving one .  The online quiz in all is of 15 minutes of which each player (i.e each id) is allotted 3 minutes. After 15 minutes the other quiz starts. Now what you have to do is that play the quiz from 4 different id's and start answering randomly without worrying that the answer is correct or wrong but keep noticing the questions. And finally when you play that quiz from your fifth id the maximum numbers of questions are repeated and you can answer them all becoming the top scorer winning Rs 10 easily.
Spending some time you can easily collect Rs 100 a day or even more.    
Now Go to the My Recharge section and click on Get 100 mobile recharge

Congrats, you got Rs 100 free mobile recharge. Enjoy !

TIP : Do play the quiz when you think minimum number of people are playing online, more particularly during nights. Example in India best time to play this quiz is 1-4 a.m  .
When you got no contestant to play against you, automatically you are the top scorer.

Note :They will sometimes display you the message that don't play any prank as we are noticing your IP addresses .
But don't worry and go ahead to play the quiz. You got to win your credits , isn't it ?

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