Friday, 27 December 2013

See Private Pics on Facebook - How to ?

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We all know how to make our profile pics private ( specially girls) . But how to see those private pics (specially boys including me), I will let you know in this trick .
So guys are you ready ? I hope you can't just wait now. So here are the simple steps -:

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1. Right click on the image which is private.

2. Copy the image URL or just open that image in new tab. Take for     example :

It appears as :

3.  Now just you have to do is  to delete s160x160/  part from the image URL as shown :

4.  Finally URL appears as :

Enjoy the full size image without decrement in the quality of image.

After posting this trick I can just say "Stay safe GIRLS...!"

Hope you enjoyed the trick , do comment below.

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