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iPhone | MAC Address | IMEI Number | RAM, Phone, Battery Information Secret Codes

iPhone 5S

The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It runs Apple's iOS mobile operating system. The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007; the most recent iPhone, the seventh-generation iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, were introduced on September 10, 2013.

The user interface is built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPhone has Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity (2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE). An iPhone can shoot video (though this was not a standard feature until the iPhone 3GS),take photos, play music, send and receive email, browse the web, send texts, and receive visual voice mail. Other functions — video games, reference works, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. — can be enabled by downloading application programs (‘apps’); as of October 2013, the App Store offered more than one million apps by Apple and third parties

iPhone MAC Address

To figure out the MAC address of your iPhone, start at the home menu. Select Settings > General > About. Scroll down that screen and you’ll see a setting called “Wi-Fi Address”, that is your iPhone MAC address.

iPhone  IMEI Number

IMEI Number
IMEI is the unique identifier for your mobile phone hardware. This is one of the most famous and popular codes with its widespread usage. It shows IMEI number which is specific and unique to every cell phone. Telephone operator can identify this IMEI number along with SIM information. 

Field Test

Enter Field Test mode. Field Test mode contains technical info, as well as newest network and cell information.Network of cells and strength of signals and its relevant internal operating information is displayed when this code is entered followed by “call” button.

Upgrade your handset
This is one of the most popular of codes. Entering this code will provide you with a text message that lets you know when you’re eligible for a new phone upgrade.

This code is used to get data associated to calls and SMS like call forwarding, SMS, data calls etc. Technique as explained before is to dial this code and press “call” button.

Please enter this code to deactivate all kinds of call diverts.

All records related to outgoing calls can be retrieved by using this code.

Whenever phone is engage this code can be utilized to display information call

For all type “waiting” services like call or SMS call waiting, fax call waiting and data call waiting this value is used with “call” button afterwards.

If you want to hide or display your identity during calls you can use this code. You can enable or disable your identification while calling. Your cell phone number is exposed when you activate this service and hidden if you deactivate the same.

If any of the above mentioned code doesn’t work for you, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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