Monday, 30 December 2013

How to create wifi hotspot for android ?

Google Android Free Wifi Hotspot

There's nothing worse than working on the go, from a hotel room or airport, for example, to find there's no Wi-Fi internet access, or it's so rubbish it keeps dropping out. Alternatively, what happens if your ISP serving your home network goes down and leaves you without access to the web?

If you've got a smartphone then it's possible to turn your handset into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot using your device's 3G connection to access the web, a process that's called 'tethering'. In the case of Google Android handsets, the search introduced the feature when it unveiled Froyo, version 2.2 of its Android operating software. Those with smartphones running Google Android 2.1 or lower, you'll need to download an app such as PDANet or Easy Tether.

It's worth remembering to check your network's terms and conditions on tethering and keep an eye on your data allowance as depending on your web activities you could find yourself hitting your mobile data cap a lot quicker than you think. Exceeding your data limit may result in an unwanted charge.
Android devices often differ in their user interfaces. If this particular information isn’t correct for your device it still may be close. Have a play around and see if you have similarly-named options.

Android Hotspot App

Step - 1

Go to the main system settings and find the option under Wireless Networks labelled Tethering and Portable Hotspot and then hit the toggle next to Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to activate it.

Once activated, tap on the text to the left of the toggle and you’ll be taken to the mobile tethering section.

Step - 2

Tap on the Configure button in the bottom right. Here you can set the name, password and protection-type of your WiFi hotspot. The name and password are obviously up to you.

By default the protection-type should be WPA2 PSK. If this is not the case then select it for the best level of security.

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