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Did you seek for FREE anti-virus ? Cheer up, your wish has come true. There is an open source anti-virus named ‘Clam Win’ which is supportable for MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA, XP, Me, 2000, 98, 7, 8 and Windows Server 2003, 2004, 2012. Here in this anti-virus you will get all the updates of new malwares automatically just seeking your permission for updation (not like other free anti-viruses which on updation loose their validity or if you don't update them, they won't detect latest viruses further keeping your systems insecure). 

The only con I could find is that you have to select manual scan every time you opt for scanning your device which I think is affordable when you pay nothing for this antivirus.

One of my personal experience with this software is that while scanning it skips certain hidden files, so before scanning better unhide all your hidden files.

Latest version of this antivirus is 0.98 .

How to access Clam Win antivirus?

After installing this antivirus, open it and a screen will be displayed as

where you could select preferences, scan and update your antivirus. 

For selecting preferences click on the very first dialogue box marked with arrow

A box will appear as shown


you can select your preferences accordingly. Now you can scan your drive (all or selected drive which so ever , its up to you). You can even scan a particular folder. A screenshot of complete scan of a folder which I scanned is as shown 


Further you can even manually update your antivirus by clicking on 2nd box shown by an arrow 


A screenshot of downloading update is as shown 

Finally when its all done i.e updation is complete. Enjoy the security of your antivirus.

Although antivirus will automatically update itself whenever you are connected to internet, its up to you to select manual updation or not.

To download click here

For more open source (free) softwares click here

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