Friday, 1 November 2013


Maven Scientists feels proud to announce a new Program called "Request a Free Seminar"

What is "Request a Free Seminar" ?
Let's take a scenario, you have a doubt or doubts and you do not know where to find answers for it. Where do you go ? Google, right.
Now instead imagine this: You have a doubt or you even want to understand a whole lot of some topic. You gather a few people just like you and request a  free seminar on that topic.

What are the benefits of "Request a Free Seminar" ?
Some cool guy
Instead of a reading and understanding something yourself, some cool person is helping you understand it in a smart way.

I do not have time
Seminar clears your doubts almost instantaneously, better than diving in and understanding topics yourself.

I feel Awesome
You feel good when someone just like you is clearing all your doubts.

Social Increment
You gather socially and meet a lot of people like you, in real. New connections. New friends.

Who can come to the seminar ?

How to get this free Seminar ?
No long procedures, just fill in a form and you're all set.

Innovative Regards
Team Maven Scientists


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