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The following content has been referenced from the official android developers website: 

Table 1. Common camera features sorted by the Android API Level in which they were introduced.
FeatureAPI LevelDescription
Face Detection14Identify human faces within a picture and use them for focus, metering and white balance
Metering Areas14Specify one or more areas within an image for calculating white balance
Focus Areas14Set one or more areas within an image to use for focus
White Balance Lock14Stop or start automatic white balance adjustments
Exposure Lock14Stop or start automatic exposure adjustments
Video Snapshot14Take a picture while shooting video (frame grab)
Time Lapse Video11Record frames with set delays to record a time lapse video
Multiple Cameras9Support for more than one camera on a device, including front-facing and back-facing cameras
Focus Distance9Reports distances between the camera and objects that appear to be in focus
Zoom8Set image magnification
Exposure Compensation8Increase or decrease the light exposure level
GPS Data5Include or omit geographic location data with the image
White Balance5Set the white balance mode, which affects color values in the captured image
Focus Mode5Set how the camera focuses on a subject such as automatic, fixed, macro or infinity
Scene Mode5Apply a preset mode for specific types of photography situations such as night, beach, snow or candlelight scenes
JPEG Quality5Set the compression level for a JPEG image, which increases or decreases image output file quality and size
Flash Mode5Turn flash on, off, or use automatic setting
Color Effects5Apply a color effect to the captured image such as black and white, sepia tone or negative.
Anti-Banding5Reduces the effect of banding in color gradients due to JPEG compression
Picture Format1Specify the file format for the picture
Picture Size1Specify the pixel dimensions of the saved picture
Note: These features are not supported on all devices due to hardware differences and software implementation. For information on checking the availability of features on the device where your application is running, see Checking feature availability.

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