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            This post is in response to a reader questioning “Whether to buy a Nexus 4 or not...? “

Firstly I would like to thank you friend for reading our posts and asking your queries related to gadgets & technology.

I would rate this question as a good question at a good point of time. If you would have asked me the same 6 months back or so, I would have definitely said a big YES to rush for the latest nexus phone. But at this time the situation turns upside down, and I will try my best to acknowledge you with some facts so that you reach a conclusion after reading this post.

With the announcement of new Nexus device from Google on 29 October 2012, a huge buzz was created in Smartphone market, because Google provided the best of hardware as well as pricing at that time. Choosing LG as manufacturer for its new Smartphone, it not only provided a good hardware but also priced it as low for only $300 for UNLOCKED 8gb version online at Google play store, due to which it’s stock cleared up in less than 30 minutes almost in all countries. Taking advantage of this, offline retailers such as eBay etc., sold it with heavy price tags (around $500 or 30000 INR). In India, Google launched it for Rs. 25000 (8 GB version) , and this heavy  pricing was the reason this phone was not so successful in the country. Though the price was not as high as Samsung or Apple, still many people trusted those big brands for providing them the value for money they are paying for.

Before getting deep into the NEXUS, you  would be curious to know why some of the Google devices are called Nexus.

So, by now you know that if you pay for a nexus device, you would always have an up to date software running on your phone.

And if that is only reason you want to buy NEXUS, you should go for NEXUS 4.  But wait , there is a launch event set up by Google sometime in October 2013, and most probably it’s coming up with its new nexus phone i.e. The Nexus 5. Nexus 4 was a big hit of 2012 and it’s almost clear that Google won’t leave any stone unturned with its upcoming Nexus 5. Nexus 5 will be equipped with the best hardware of 2013.
So my recommendation for you is to wait for a few months and go for the Nexus 5 instead.

Last year, Google faced a huge problem of stock shortage and many buyers were not able to get their hands on that PURE ANDROID BEAST(Nexus 4), which is the reason phone was not able to beat iPhone and Galaxy S3 in sales, but this year I hope Google will have enough pieces with them to dodge such a kind of problem. Still I recommend, buying it as soon as it gets released (if you are going to wait for the Nexus 5).

Nexus 5 would be priced almost the same as Nexus 4 i.e. around $300 (18000 INR) for U.S.A, Canada etc. and around 25000 INR in India.

But if you can’t wait for its release then I would recommend you to buy Samsung Galaxy Note II. As, it is available for around 27,000 INR* in many online stores, and is surely a better option as compared to the nexus 4.

So, final round up says that it is too late to go for Nexus 4.  And, I would not recommend this now because of its year old (yet good) hardware.
But, if you are getting it for its original price set by Google i.e. $300 (18000 INR), and you can’t wait till October, for the new Nexus device, then you should definitely go for it. I would recommend you to wait a bit , and buy the Nexus 5 , as it would be a killer beast of 2013 and would come equipped with full HD screen and best of hardware which is clear from the eye popping specifications that  it attached with its new Nexus 7 ( 2013 model ) .

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