Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Do you share the link of google drive file with your colleagues as it is ? If you are thinking yes, you are in some serious trouble.

Let us suppose you have to share a file with your boss in an email, what would you do ?

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Step - 1: Upload the file to Google Drive or any other file sharing service.
Step - 2: Copy the file link generated and paste it in the email body.
Step - 3: Send the email.

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Now, did you notice that the link of the generated file is very long. Possibly, anyone seeing this big link would get annoyed and feel confused.

This is the generated link for a Google drive file:


Now read what to do so that you end up impressing your boss, colleague instead.

Step - 1:  Copy the Google Drive File Link.
Step - 2:  Go to a shorten url service such as Google URL Shortener, bitly (Recommended) or 
Step - 3:  Paste the link to shorten and click the "Shorten URL" Button.
Step - 4:  Copy the shorten URL.
Step - 5:  Now, neatly write the name of file and make it a hyperlink using that shorten-url.

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