Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook including all other email services have a file size limit of  25 MB. You cannot attach files larger than this size with your email.

But, then how do you send files larger than 25 MB ?

Step by step file sharing using Google Drive

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If you are having a gmail account, just go to and login with your gmail credentials.

Now, click on the upload button to upload your file.
Google Drive Upload Button

You can also upload your entire folder but only if you are using Google Chrome.

You can also check the Maximum File Size Limit here. Read about Google Drive and other similar file sharing services here.

File is being Uploaded
File has been uploaded successfully

After the file has been successfully uploaded, you can see the option of Share. Now, to share this file, click on the share button and you will see the Sharing Settings. 

Sharing Settings - Google Drive

By default, the access is private (which means that only those people will be able to access the file whom you invite by writing in their email addresses in the text field at the bottom) but you can change it by clicking on Change.

When you click on the change button, you will see the visibility options window.
Visibility Options - Google Drive File Sharing

To change the access level to public - that is anybody with the link to the file can access it, select the public option in the visibility options window.

Press Save to save your settings. Finally, you can also copy the link to google drive file in order to share this file with your friends, colleagues etc.

Now, should you really share the link with your colleagues ? 

Read to know the best practices for file sharing: 

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