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Visual Studio .NET 2012

This tutorial will help you how to declare Arrays in C#

Sample Code:

int[] numbers; // declaring numbers as an int array of any size

numbers = new int[10];  // numbers is a 10-element array

numbers = new int[20];  // now it's a 20-element array

In C# you can declare single-dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays, and array-of-arrays (jagged arrays).

Example: Declaring different kinds of Arrays

Single-dimensional arrays

int[] numbers; // declaring numbers as an int array of any size

Multidimensional arrays:

string[,] names;

Array-of-arrays (jagged):

byte[][] scores;

Writing the above code, does not actually create the arrays. Note that memory must be allocated to the array.

Example: How to create Arrays

Single-dimensional arrays:

int[] numbers = new int[5]; //allocating memory to array numbers using new keyword. The length of the array is 5.

Multidimensional arrays:

string[,] names = new string[5,5]; //A 5x5 array names has been created. Row x Column. 5 rows and 5 columns.

Array-of-arrays (jagged):

byte[][] scores = new byte[5][];

for (int x = 0; x < scores.Length; x++)


   scores[x] = new byte[4];


To create a three-dimensional rectangular array:

int[,,] buttons = new int[4,5,3];

Example: Creating a single-dimensional array of three-dimensional array of two-dimensional arrays of type int.

int[][,,][,] numbers;

Code Example: Array


Arrays Tutorial - DOTNET

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