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After reading this you can decide for yourself, which brand offers the best for you.

Since there are many phone manufacturers available in the market, who have achieved considerable position not only in Indian and International market but also in people’s heart as well. So here’s a list of few brands along with their pros and cons (not according to their rank)

1. Apple

            Gone are the days when apple was considered as the only Smartphone manufacturer in the market and was the ultimate trendsetter, but still its leading the market with its awesome build quality and ease of operation.


       Good build quality
Latest iPhone and iPads are built of aluminium , which is light as well as feels good in hand

       Fantastic display quality with great viewing angles , which helps quite a bit while using phone as you don’t have to adjust phone as per it's demands , just place it the way you want

       Retina Display
Pixels are fitted so close to the screen with minimal air gap that human eye cannot differ between individual pixels and therefore it’s named by APPLE as retina display.

       Great camera quality

       Stable and easy to use software
iOS ,  which is well known for low percentile game crashes and less prone to viruses as compared to other OS's available and also is a lot simple to use

       App Store
Access to more than 9 lac apps

       Powerful processor with top class benchmark results

       Slim design , this can be easily figured out by looking at latest iPhone and iPads


       Heavy price Tag

       No outside source App support

       No SD card support, that means you are restricted to internal user accessible memory which gets full really quickly if you are a big movie watcher but for most 32 GB or even 16 GB is more than enough. Mind you only 13 GB out of 16 GB is user accessible memory and the rest is for it's OS

       Weak signal problem with many of its devices , i.e. you will face call drops quite consistently, which apple has tried to solve in its upcoming iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 whatever it is likely to be called

       Scratch prone body, so you are likely to end up with many scratches on your phone after a year or so.


            Since last few years, SAMSUNG has been able to earn huge repo and market share worldwide and is now considered as #1 brand because of its features as well as sales figures. It even left apple behind in Smartphone sales and affected APPLE's share worldwide, thanks to GOOGLE's android, due to which the company has achieved such success it could not have otherwise. If SAMSUNG haven't had chosen ANDROID as its primary OS few years back then SAMSUNG could never think of reaching such position in market.


     Phones available in all price range , from low and medium budget phones to high budget beasts

       Highly customizable , as the phones are based on ANDROID OS

       AMOLED screen, which ensures good viewing angles as well as is battery friendly. Also SAMUNG's super AMOLED screens have been quite known for bright, vibrant and saturated colours but it also adds a little yellowish tint to white colour, which is not of that an issue for many

       Lightweight Design

       New innovative ideas
It is the key area where SAMSUNG attracts many customers. Cool features like smart stay, which locks the phone as soon as it senses you closing your eyes; available with all flagship phone releases.

       The first phone to have Octa core ( 8 cores) processor is still selling hot in the market

     Samsung touchWiz user interface adds some minor changes to the look and feel of android like adding new buttons etc.

       Good customer support and service centres are easily accessible


    Plasticky Build, which is rather the main turn off factor for various buyers looking for phone with exceptional build quality. By no means has it meant that the plastic is cheap, as SAMSUNG is trying its best to improve the quality of these plastics with time but in comparison to Unibody designed aluminium phones it feels kind off.

      Display is good but the screen in spite of being protected by layer of GORILLA GLASS; breaks pretty often. So you need to spend additional cash on screen guard and a cover to protect it in case of an accidental fall

      OS is not so stable, so you'll very often notice crashing of apps, especially games and even their flagship devices. In spite of having 2 gigs of ram and powerful processors, it suffers with the same problem

   Camera quality is not as good as provided by Sony Exmor sensors or Apple or Carl Zeiss Optics on Nokia. So, if you’re looking for camera phone by Samsung, Galaxy camera and galaxy s4 are the only available options yet.

    No dedicated camera button , earlier Samsung was the one to support the availability of a dedicated camera button but now it's latest phones are lacking this feature

3. HTC

            Another premium android brand with few windows phone as well. The HTC Dream, marketed by T-Mobile in many countries as the T-Mobile G1 or Era G1, was the first phone on the market to use the Android mobile device platform. Pros of HTC phones are:


       Build quality and premium feel phones

Beautiful construction and sturdy aluminium construction

   Beats Audio provides excellent sound quality on speaker as well as earphones

      Realistic and Bright display ( LCD display provides better color outdoors than samsungs's AMOLED display )

       More stable OS and HTC sense provides good user experience

     Good camera quality with fair shutter speed

       Good quality processor and GPU


     Low light camera performance not so appealing

     Large screen phones screen cracks quite easily on fall

       Hefty price Tags

   Service centres not available in small towns


            The company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony is ranked 87th on the 2012 list of Fortune Global 500.


    Camera recommended phone with good low light images

       Dedicated Camera button present

  Additional Camera features like 3D Panaroma mode

  Sony walkman provides rich detailed sound on earphones

       Good build quality

       Brilliant design phones

Powerful processors with good benchmark results

    Available in medium to high range price tags


      Phones do not deliver true value for money

     Low price range phones did not perform well

      Hardware buttons present takes time to get addicted to

       Viewing angles not extraordinary

   Outdoor screen performance not so good

       Display is not so appealing


            Nokia was the world's largest vendor of mobile phones from 1998 to 2012. However, over the past five years its market share declined due to the growing use of touch screen smartphones from other vendors—principally the iPhone (by Apple) and devices running on Android (an operating system created by Google)—in which Nokia did not take enough advantage of. As a result, the corporation's share price fell from a high of US$ 40 in late 2007 to under US$ 2 in mid-2012. Now Nokia has launched a range of windows smartphones tagged under LUMIA, which they expect could regain the brand share in market much as before.


       It provides great range of windows phone and the number is increasing at good rate from low to high price

      Good build quality , though not moulded out from aluminium , the polycarbonate material used in its construction provides phone with good gripping capability and makes it sturdy as well

       The clear black display along with good viewing angles , provides excellent outdoor readability even in heavy sunlight , making it one of the best displays available for outdoors

   Funky colours makes the phone look even more attractive and appealing to young generation keeping the all time favourites black and white as well

   Great camera performance especially Carl Zeiss lens which is good for indoors as well

    Powerful processor and good windows experience

   Known for user satisfaction in almost every aspect

    Great apps made by Microsoft and Nokia developers together , only for Nokia , which gives it upper hand over other windows phone manufacturers


       Generally bulky
Nokia phones are generally bulkier and heavier than their competitive phones

       The polycarbonate material is prone to dust and fingerprints

       Though there are many apps available for windows yet they lag far behind android and iOS in terms of collection of apps

       Heavy pricing

       No full HD display out yet

       Not so innovative with hardware specs and does not try to bump up hardware trend with latest models as well

       Screens generally are not scratch resistant, making it prone to scratches

6. LG

            LG is the fourth-largest company of its kind in South Korea, following Samsung Group, Hyundai Motors Group and SK Group. Nexus 4 launched by LG and Google in 2012 changed negative thoughts of people towards this brand and the company came into light as a good smart phone manufacturer. It is one of the best top screen manufacturers along with SAMSUNG and SHARP.


       Responsive touch panels

       Crisp displays , the LCD panels are good

       Average build quality

       Phones available in all price range

       Phones not over priced

       Good benchmark results


    Over saturated displays , many displays were having problem like colour production was not so good

      Low light camera performance is bad

    Does not comes up with new software ideas

      No camera focused phone available yet

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