Friday, 14 September 2012

Maven Scientists introduces you to a seminar on "Introducing Engineers". 
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A platform for all students to cognize, where does your deepest strength lies.
To know what is necessary to start preparing for your career.

Are you confused:
What languages should I start with?
How many languages should I know to be a good programmer?
Who is a good programmer?
How many types of jobs exist for programmers?
Is programming a right decision for me?

All these questions will finally be answered by the ones who have experience, who know what is important and necessary.

Come along with answers to these very important questions:
1. What are your Achievements?
2. Your aim in life?
3. Your Present Focus is ____ ?
4. You want to spend your life doing _____?
5. Your skillset ( Languages you know ) ?
6. Your interests are ____, ____, ____ .....  ?
7. Your favourite pastimes, hobbies are ____, ____, ____ .........?

Hope to see you all.

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