Saturday, 12 May 2012

Now you might wonder if it is actually possible to create a folder in windows operating system which has no name. Technically speaking - not a visible name.

Yes! Of course possible is the word we live in each day to the depth of life.

So, the trick is to use Windows Alt Keycodes. You can name a folder as “ABC” by typing in the following Key Combinations: Alt+65 then Alt+66 and Alt+67.

You would like to know what happens when you press the Alt key on your keyboard – read it here.

Now, using the Windows Alt Codes functionality, we can rename a folder to another.
We must wisely choose the symbol represented by the Alt Codes which would not be visible.

Remember that we cannot rename folder with only space characters - we have to have something as name so, probably some sort of symbol which is not much visible.

This can be done by using the code 0160 i.e. the code Alt – 0160 would give you a folder which would look as if it does not have any name.

Key points:

    Try to rename a folder using the following Codes given below:
       Alt + 3
       Alt + 13 
       Alt + 14

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