Thursday, 26 April 2012

 7 Quick Comparison Points:
  1. Google Drive offers 5 GB of free cloud file storage space while SkyDrive, offers 7 GB for new users (it was 25 GB previously).
  2. Google Drive secures your account using 2 Step verification while no such protection service is available in case of skydrive and Dropbox.
  3. SkyDrive is not available on Windows XP and Linux
    Google Drive certainly is.
  4. Maximum file size for upload on:
    SkyDrive is upto 2 GB (and 300 Mb via web).
    Dropbox is unlimited if uploaded via the desktop application (and 300 MB from web).
    Google Drive is 10 GB.
  5. Trio offer file search facility for files via file name but Google Drive advances in search using OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology. So, images can also be searched using words contained in it in case you forget the file name.
  6. Dropbox facilitates deleted file history log till 30 days from deletion.
  7. Deletion in case of Google Drive and Dropbox means moved to trash. whereas
    in case of skydrive it’s deleted permanently from your folders.
Source : Internet and Research.

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